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A team for immersive experiences

Fergus Leleu

Publicis, F-Secure, Shadow

JB Kempf

FFmpeg, VLC player, Shadow, Ubisoft & EA Games as consultant

Yannis Weinbach

Key AAA gaming publishers as consultant, Shadow

The Shadow Saga: rebirth of a vision

Once upon a time in the cloud PC kingdom of Shadow, three Knights (with 3 other cool employees) rose to save their beloved empire. In the year 2021, against insurmountable odds, we managed to raise a staggering 35M € in just one month! We braved the court with the help of Iliad’s Xavier Niel, to face off against Octave Klaba of OVH, and although we lost that battle, we did not lose the war. After a decade of serving big publishers and working on world-renowned cloud gaming and computing projects, we decided it was time to carve our own path.

Fergus speakerJB & Yannis @ Micode

There was an idea: use what we had learned on streaming technologies and the gaming industry, to come up with a solution for the age-old problem of game testing. Have you ever opened a pack of sweets, tasted one and then closed it straight away? Of course not. Once you've had something delicious, you want to keep going! It's exactly the same with good video games. So we made Playruo, a solution to test games instantly in the best possible quality, and purchase them straight away.

Ruo is latin for "jump into". Playruo literally expresses the idea of that first jump that immerses you in a game, that initial boost that keeps you wanting more. Our mission is to enable games to find their audience, and gamers to discover the games they'll love to purchase. As gamers ourselves and industry professionals, we've always dreamed of a solution like Playruo. Today, it’s live, ready to meet the needs of both gamers and marketers.


Guess what? We're in stealth mode on the fundraising front, which means you've got a VIP backstage pass to chat with us. Send us a message and let's cook up something together!

Ready for the ride?Ready for the ride?

Ready for the ride?

You can count on us like you count on your coffee machine to work every morning. Efficiency is our middle name, right after "Pragmatic" and before "Why is the Wi-Fi down again". So if you're looking for a team with crazy ideas, you've found your tribe.